The DJ

Hey, I’m Dave Chimny. I was born in 1979 and live in Wiesbaden, Germany: Here I’m employed as desktop publisher in an advertising agency. In my spare time, I’m DJing and create music since 1995. I had some minor releases on Moonrising Records, Ultimate House Records, Time Fusion, Time2Trance, Active Sense Recordings, Phoenix Recordings and my own label GANORIUM Media.

My tracks appeared on compilations like Tunnel Allstars, Welcome to the Club, D.Trance or OXA Trance and were played by well-known DJs among Gary D., Les Hemstock, Stoneface & Terminal, Charles McThorn and many more. But most likely you know me best as the DJ of Ganorium Voyage. Scroll down!

If you want to book Dave Chimny to uplift your event, just send me a message!

Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage – Website Teaser 2020,

The Show

20 years ago, everything started with my monthly Maniaxx at Work mixes, shared on CD. At this time, in 2001, I was one of just a few DJs worldwide who made livestreams on a regular basis. Jenny FM was the first radio station that had my mixes on schedule in 2003 – and they still have!

Over time, Ganorium Voyage became one of the most popular shows on Trance FM until the station suddenly shut down in 2016. Today, the show is provided as syndicated content to stations based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Mexico and more. 

Since January 2018, episodes are released weekly to fit into most radio schedules. They are also distributed on virtually every music platform like Mixcloud, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Castbox or TuneIn.

If you want to broadcast the show on your station: Drop me a line!