Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage 435


01 LTN & Attila Syah – Samurai (Extended Mix)
02 Mahaputra – I love U (Original Mix)
03 Luke Bond feat. Tyler Graves – Left of us (Extended Mix)
04 Sunshine Rockerz – Latitude (Extended Mix)
05 Simon Patterson feat. Dave Wright – Northern Lights (UDM Extended Remix)
06 Allen Watts & Christina Novelli – My Gravity (Extended Mix)
07 Kiyoi & Eky – Sharp (Extended Mix)
08 Levekar & Farid feat. Cassandra Grey – One Day (Extended Mix)
09 James Kitcher & Adam Taylor – One with the Stars (Extended Mix)
10 Dan Schneider – Further than Universe (Syntouch Remix)

Dave Chimny
Dave Chimny is a German trance DJ and producer for over 25 years. Every week, he delivers a fresh "Ganorium Voyage" episode – filled with new releases and all-time favourites: Expect 1 hour of pure uplifting, melodic, vocal and progressive trance.