Dave Chimny – Ganorium Voyage 2015-12


01 Alpha Duo feat. Tiff Lacey – The One (Cold Rush Remix)
02 Bryan Kearney – The Things we should say (Original Mix)
03 Sneijder & Christina Novelli – Love of my Control (Original Mix)
04 Denis Sender & Cynthia Hall – Pave the Way with Gold (Uplifting Mix)
05 Kaimo K & Sue McLaren – The Treasure of your Heart (Original Mix)
06 Daniel Loubscher – Unexpected (Mike Sanders Remix)
07 Nicola Maddaloni – Wind Talker (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)
08 Frank Dueffel – Injector (Original Mix)
09 E.T Project – A new Beginning (Original Mix)
10 Arctic Moon & Apple One feat. Diana Leah – Who we are (Bjorn Akesson Remix)

11 First Sight – We will go together (Original Mix)
12 James Kitcher – 4am Days (Original Mix)
13 Anna Lee & Dima Krasnik – Optical Illusion (Daniel Kandi’s Illusionist Mix)
14 MaRLo feat. Christina Novelli – Hold it together (Ahmed Romel Remix)
15 Dan Stone feat. Victoria Shersick – Only the Memories (Original Mix)
16 Iversoon & Alex Daf feat. Jess Morgan – Step outside (A.R.D.I Remix)
17 Danny Legatto – No Way (Cold Rush Remix)
18 Silica – Emerald (Mike Sanders Remix)
19 Fredd Moz – Unknown Destination (Original Mix)
20 Andre Visior – Mind Games (Original Mix)

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Dave Chimny
Dave Chimny is a DJ and producer for more than 25 years. He delivers a fresh "Ganorium Voyage" episode right into your ears every week. Prepare for 60 minutes full of new releases along with all-time favourites: Uplifting, melodic, vocal and progressive trance tunes.